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Posted: Friday, July 18, 2014 2:40:19 AM
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Character Development

This is kind of like an interview your OC thread. I'm not sure how well this'll go on this forum, but it sounds fun? :D Please no double posts- there is an edit button for a reason.

How this will work is Person A types a question, and the next person to reply (Person B) will answer the question in the voice of any chosen OC they wish. After which, Person B will include in their post a question for the next person to answer.

Questions could relate to:

Future goals
Past issues
Their quirks
Every day life

If in the event someone wants elaboration or some conversation with Person A (or their OC), pings are encouraged. Make it clear if you have a specific desire to speak to their OC or the author. *You are still required to answer the prompt question; either by the same or a different OC, just make the distinction between the two OC's clear.
Do not forget to ask a question when finished.

*I encourage you to think about your answers to the questions. Allow the character to take over, and elaborate on the topic, don't just limit yourself to a few short sentences.

*The same or similar question may be asked again, but should not be answered by the same character. There should also be at least five questions between it and the repeated question.

Make no assumptions that the character lives on Earth, speaks English, or has our technology. Some may, and some may not. If a question is limiting, the character answering is welcome to correct it by being confused about it: What are cellphones - are they unthought-of, old, or they have no need? Traveling to a certain country, think of the climate, weather or people- perhaps a country not in war, or warmer or colder is something the character thinks about.

I'll start us off with this question:
What does your bed look like? Is it messy, neat, covered in junk, color-coordinated?
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